Oral Syringe Systems

Unique Two Piece Oral Syringes

A full line of liquid oral dispensers and accessories

The Comar Oral Syringe is a two piece dispenser that uses a patented wiper design instead of a rubber grommet to form a complete seal between the plunger and the barrel. With no small siliconized rubber parts in the tip, the risk of choking and project contamination is greatly reduced. Comar oral dispensers are ideally suited for use in dispensing medication or applying topical applications.

In April 2016, FDA released its Guidance for Industry on “Safety Considerations for Product Design to Minimize Medication Errors.” The document refers to an estimated 7,000 deaths occurring each year as a result of medication errors. Medications now exceed household products, such as cleaning fluids, as the primary cause of pediatric poisoning. To develop preventive strategies, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) formed the PROTECT Initiative bringing healthcare professionals together with leading over-the-counter medication and packaging manufacturers. Comar, an original member of the PROTECT Initiative, developed the DoseGuard® system in response. Comar’s oral syringes combine with the new DoseGuard offer the maximum in liquid dispensing safety.

The Comar team manufactures stock and standard Oral Syringes, Valved Bottle Adapter Systems, Oral Syringe Bottle Adapters (Orifice Reducers), and Oral Syringe Tip Caps and Stands. Plus, as a leader among custom product packaging manufacturers, Comar can provide you with a creative solution to bring your product to market.