Dosage Cups and Spoons

Visually Accurate, Printed Dosage Cups & Spoons

Embossed and printed dosage cups and spoons with customizable logo, instructions, and calibration lines

Comar is a US based, custom blow molding company, with a history of innovative patents. Using durable, FDA compliant, food grade inks, the AccuCup®, Dosage Cup and new printed Dosage Spoon are a stronger and safer alternative to embossed dosage solutions, particularly in liquid-drug dispensing applications where “clearly visible accuracy” and synchronizing with the package label instructions are important.

Molded-embossed lines can be difficult to read, which is why Comar prints easy-to-read lines on the outside of the vessel and a vision system inspects the cups and spoons to assure the lines are accurately printed and placed. Our stock printed dosage cups are available in 20, 30, and 60 mL sizes. We also offer custom dosage cups that can be custom cored for a secure fit. In addition, custom ribs can be designed for a unique cap fit.

Comar is one of the leading manufacturers of custom dosage cups and other innovative plastic packaging products. Rather than provide one-size-fits-all solutions like other plastic container suppliers, Comar can provide custom solutions and unmatched quality. In addition to dosing cups and spoons, Comar also offers plastic bottles, oral syringes, total dispensing systems, and provides creative custom solutions to package consumer health products safely.

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