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Detail Image
Detail Image
Item Family Size Pipette Tip Pipette Material Bulb Size Bulb Color Bulb Material Closure Size Closure Color Closure Style Closure Material Availability
20-0527-004 7x62 Straight LDPE Plastic .8 cc Black TPE 18-400 Black Ribbed Side PP Made-to-Order
20-0029-004 7x62 Straight LDPE Plastic .8 cc Black Rubber 18-400 Black Ribbed Side PP Made-to-Order
20-0483-005 7x72 Straight LDPE Plastic .8 cc Black TPE 20-400 Black Interrupted Rib Side PP Made-to-Order
20-0425-004 7x72 Straight LDPE Plastic .8 cc Black Rubber 20-400 Black Interrupted Rib Side PP Made-to-Order
20-0626-004 7x89 Straight LDPE Plastic .8 cc Black TPE 20-400 Black Interrupted Rib Side PP Made-to-Order
20-0152-007 7x89 Straight LDPE Plastic .8 cc Black Rubber 20-400 Black Interrupted Rib Side PP Made-to-Order

Plastic Dropper Assemblies

Plastic Pipettes

  • 39 mm to 160 mm
  • Straight, stub, or blunt tip styles
  • Hot stamp or rolled printing – stock or custom printing

 Pipettes Available in PP and LDPE Resins

Plastic Pipettes
Straight Tip
Length Capabilities
Stub Tip
Length Capabilities
Blunt Tip
Length Capabilities
4.5mm 39-44mm 45mm 47-47.5mm
5mm 39.2mm 45mm 41-66mm
7mm 41-89mm 45-92mm
7.5mm 45-65mm
8.5mm 50mm
9mm 45-79mm 45-160mm


  • Finish sizes: 13-415 to 20-400
  • Tamper Evident (TE) option for 18SR
  • Continuous Serrations, Interrupted Serrations or Metalized Overshells
  • SecureCap® Child-Resistant Closures in 20, 24 & 28 mm sizes
  • Colors — You Pick It, We Manufacture It
    • Standard Colors: white, black, red, yellow, dark blue, light blue, green, purple, orange, grey, brown
    • Custom Colors also available by request

Closure Sizes

13mm 15mm 18mm 20mm 22mm 24mm 28mm
 13-415  15-415  18-400  20-400  22-400  24-400  28-400
 15-425  18-415  20-400
Child Resistant
Child Resistant
Child Resistant
 13-425  18mm
Tamper Evident
Child Resistant
 20-410  24-410


  • Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) or Rubber Bulbs
  • Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) Bulbs
    • Excellent UV resistance — extend shelf life of product
    • Latex free — decrease the chance of product contamination
    • Manufactured in-house to customer specifications
    • Custom colors based on your requirements
    • Custom color of your choice

Bulb Sizes

TPE   Rubber
Closure Size Capacity   Closure Size Capacity
13mm 0.2cc 13mm 0.2cc
 15mm 0.2cc 15mm 0.2cc
18mm 0.8cc  18mm 0.8cc
 18mm 1.0cc
20mm 0.8cc  20mm 0.8cc
20mm 1.0cc  20mm 1.0cc
22mm 0.8cc  22mm 0.8cc
 22mm 2.0cc
24mm 2.0cc 24mm 1.0cc
24mm 2.5cc 24mm 2.0cc
24mm 2.5cc
28mm 2.5cc 28mm 1.0cc
28mm 2.0cc
28mm 2.5cc


Bulb Material Resistance Comparison

Type Trade Name Resistant to: Not Resistant to: Sustainability: Permeability:
Natural Rubber Compounds Acids, Bases Oils, Solvents & Various Hydrocarbons Repurpose Low
Synthetic Rubber Butyl Acids, Bases, Animal Oils, Vegetable Oils Various Hydrocarbons Repurpose Low
TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) Acids, Bases, Solvents Formulations available for superior oil resistance Various Hydrocarbons Recyclable Mid Formulations available for low permeability (in development phase)
TPV (Thermoplastic Vulcanizate) Santoprene Acids, Bases Acids, Bases, Solvents Recyclable Mild
SBC (Styrenic Block Copolymers) Kraton Acids, Bases Various Hydrocarbonss Recyclable Mild
Siloxane Silicone Microbiological growth, Moderate Acids and Bases Solvents, Acids, Bases, Oils, Various Hydrocarbons Recyclable High

Customization is Easy with Comar — Unlimited Sizes, Color, Style and Material Combinations

With an unlimited source of components, Comar can design and customize a dropper assembly for virtually any need. Comar can also design new custom parts including Child-Resistant and Senior-Friendly Closures.

  • Bulbs and closures in custom colors
  • Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) or Rubber Bulbs
  • SecureCap® Child-Resistant Closures
  • Glass or plastic pipettes
  • Custom printing on pipettes
  • Various pipette tip styles
  • A choice of wrapping options

General Fit Guidelines

  •  Pipette with 5 mm diameter fits 13 mm & 15 mm bulb/closure
  •  Pipette with 7 mm diameter fits 18 mm, 20 & 22 mm bulb/closure
  •  Pipette with 9 mm diameter fits 24 & 28 mm bulb/closure
Note: These are general guidelines and my not be applicable in every circumstance.


Plastic Pipette Tip Styles

 Plastic Pipettes Straight  Plastic Pipettes Blunt  Plastic Pipettes Stub
Straight pipette tip Blunt pipette tip Stub pipette tip