Oral Syringe Bottle Adapters (Orifice Reducers)

Oral Syringe Bottle Adapters (Orifice Reducers) 1
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Detail Image
Item Family Type Style Size Resin CE Registered
22-1230 DoseGuard®, Bottle Adapter Valved Press-In 20 mm LDPE No
22-1207 22-1230 DoseGuard®, Bottle Adapter Valved Press-In 28 mm LDPE
22-0625 Bottle Adapter Press-In Vented 20 mm LDPE Yes
22-0454 Bottle Adapter Press-In 20 mm LDPE No
22-0218 Bottle Adapter Press-In 24 mm LDPE Yes
22-0198 Bottle Adapter Press-In 28 mm LDPE Yes
22-0231 Bottle Adapter Press-In 33 mm LDPE Yes

Bottle Adapters (Orifice Reducers)

Press-in bottle adapters allow for increased dosing accuracy. Available in various sizes, they fit securely in any bottle with a corresponding opening size. The adapters allow a user to easily draw liquid, ensuring accurate dosing while avoiding spills; they fit flush with the bottle opening so that the original cap can be placed on the bottle. Press-in bottle adapters are available in vented and non-vented forms.

Vented adapters can be used where large doses coupled with low head-space may create a vacuum inside the container. The vent allows air into the bottle as a dose is extracted.


  • 20 mm, 24 mm, 28 mm, and 33 mm sizes
  • Easy, spill-free prefilling of oral syringe
  • Innovative design works with glass or plastic
  • Low profile allows use of standard closure to seal bottle

NEW DoseGuard® Valved Bottle Adapter

Recognized for a proven ability to protect children from accidental overdose of liquid medications, the new DoseGuard® design is compatible with standard 20 mm containers comprised of popular resins and glass, and accommodates standard oral syringes. The improved flexibility of DoseGuard® allows it to more easily integrate with packaging lines, and gives manufacturers of liquid over-the-counter and prescription medications an additional means to comply with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)  PROTECT Initiative bringing healthcare professionals together with leading over-the-counter medication and packaging manufacturers.

  • Works with standard bottles of HDPE, LDPE, PP, PET, or glass material
  • Securely connects to container finish are rests on top of the finish, this low profile allows for use of a standard closure
  • Patented valve design remains closed until the tip of the oral syringe is inserted into the valve
  • The valve opening is customizable to specific product viscosity and is easily adaptable to an open hole flow restrictor for use with products requiring dosage cups
  • Single material one piece construction reduces contamination risks

Custom Solution Options:

Looking for a custom solution? Our highly experienced and professional team of Design Engineers and Operations staff will work with your unique requirements to design, develop, and manufacture custom bottles and closures that meet your specific needs!