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Detail Image Detail Image
Item Family Type Size Length (in/mm) Resin
22-0026 Dispette 5 cc 2.927/74.350 LDPE
22-0034 Dispette 1 cc 2.200/55.880 LDPE
22-0330 Dispette 2 cc 2.460/62.480 LDPE
Detail Image Detail Image
Item Family Type Closure Thread Style Size Liner Resin Drop Size
14-0142 Dispette Finned Cover Cap null Finned/Ribbed Sides null null LDPE null
14-0574 Dispette Plain Cover Cap null Ribbed Sides null null LDPE null

Comar dispettes and cover caps are available assembled or as individual components for a wide variety of uses. When used as unit dose delivery devices, the dispette is filled, crimped, and capped. Dentists may use dispettes to mix products. They are also suitable for the Diagnostics market.

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