Custom Dropper Assemblies

Custom Dropper Assemblies 1
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Customization is easy with Comar! With unlimited sizes, colors, styles, and material combinations, Comar can design and customize a dropper assembly for virtually any need. We can also design new custom parts, including child-resistant and senior-friendly closures. Available Options:

  • Bulbs and closures in custom colors
  • Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) or rubber bulbs
  • SecureCap® child-resistant closures
  • Tamper evident (TE) option for 18SR
  • Glass or plastic pipettes
  • Custom printing on pipettes
  • Various pipette tip styles
  • A choice of wrapping options

Closure with Overshell Size and Color Options Capable of custom color overshells in the following sizes. Tooling may be required.

  •  13 mm, 13-415: gold, matte silver, and silver
  •  15 mm, 15-415: gold
  •  18 mm, 18-415: gold, matt silver, and silver
  •  20 mm, 20-400: black and silver
  •  20 mm, 20-410: black and silver
  •  22 mm, 22-400: rose gold


18 mm Tamper Evident Dropper Closure


  •  18 mm Dropper Cap with molded Tamper Evident Ring
  •  Assembled with either monprene or rubber bulbs
  •  Compatible wiht Stolzle 18 mm neck and tamper evident feature
  •  Glass pipette lengths fit line of Stolzle Boston Round glass bottles
    (5, 10, 15, 20, 30, and 100 mL)
  •  Customer printing on pipettes
  •  Various pipette styles
  •  Choice of wrapping styles
14-0881-001_002 18mm Tamper Evident Dropper Closure2