Fitments (Drop Tips)

Fitments (Drop Tips) 1
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Detail Image
Item Family Type Closure Size Drop Size Closure Resin
22-0057 Controlled Drop Molded Hole 8mm 42uL LDPE
22-0605 Controlled Drop Molded Hole 13mm 40uL LDPE
22-0211 Controlled Drop Pierced Hole 13mm 50uL LDPE
22-0196 Controlled Drop Pierced Hole 13mm 60uL LDPE
22-0452 Controlled Drop Molded Hole 13mm 60uL LDPE
22-0215 Controlled Drop Pierced Hole 15mm 40uL LDPE
22-0615 Controlled Drop Molded Hole 15mm 40uL LDPE
22-0005 Dispensing Tip Molded Hole 15mm Uncontrolled LDPE
22-1501 Extended Tip 15mm Uncontrolled LDPE
22-0637 Controlled Drop Molded Hole 18mm 40uL LDPE
22-1537 Uncontrolled 18mm Uncontrolled LDPE
22-0616 Controlled Drop Molded Hole 20mm 40uL LDPE
132010014 Dispensing Tip Molded Hole 20mm Uncontrolled LDPE
  • Controlled or uncontrolled drop formation
  • Volumetric drop sizes (40 uL, 42 uL, 50 uL, and 60uL)
  • Controlled drop dispensing of low-viscosity materials
  • Volumetric drop sizes form on tip for accurate placement
  • Interchangeable with multiple bottle sizes

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